The HMO Roadmap

The HMO Roadmap is an exclusive community and online learning platform for HMO property investors in the UK.

It's stacked full of in-depth, practical training resources and support from like-minded individuals and industry experts that will not only inspire you, but will give you the structure, clarity and tools you need to build a successful and sustainable HMO property business.

Picture of Andy Graham
Andy Graham

HMO Property Investor, Host of The HMO Podcast, Founder of The HMO Roadmap

The HMO Platform

The HMO Platform® gives HMO investors and developers the confidence and skills to grow their property portfolios and create consistently high profits. Focusing on our Tenant F.I.R.S.T. Method, we work with clients to implement the five key principles of becoming a Next Level Landlord®.

Picture of Matt Baker
Matt Baker

Co-founder of the Scott Baker Property Group and number 1 Best Selling author.

HMO Magazine

HMO magazine is the only publication in the UK directly aimed at the HMO property market.

HMO is published bi-monthly and is widely read and highly valued by thousands of engaging and responsive HMO professionals throughout the country.

Picture of Cuthbert Simon
Cuthbert Simon

Owner and primary editor of HMO magazine, a publication owned by CS Publishing.

The HMO Network

The HMO Network is the first ever national network of Letting Agents and Property Managers who specialise in HMO Management.

We'd love to take everyone, but our membership process is by application only to ensure that each new member joining us will make us a stronger collaborative.

Picture of Neil Baldock
Neil Baldock

Founder of the FIA HMO Network and experienced Letting agency owner and HMO Property Manager.

Icon Living

We specialise in working with landlords and property investors on HMO, Co-living, residential to commercial and serviced accommodation design and specification. We help anyone who wants to differentiate their property product and create a long-lasting, aesthetically attractive property that their customers or tenants love living in and using.

Picture of Julian Maurice
Julian Maurice

Interior Designer and Property Investor, specialising in HMO/Co-Living and Serviced Accommodation Design.


LOFT are an end-to-end service for residential interiors, designed for property professionals. Bolstered by almost 20 years’ experience, we are specialists in creating homes that residents will truly connect with, while taking the pressure away from landlords, property agents and developers.

Picture of Benjamin Hall
Benjamin Hall

Founder and Managing Director.

Picture of Steve Goss
Steve Goss

Sales Director for the London and South regions.

Rent 2 Rent Success

A training business which teaches people the ethical 6 step system to get started in property without buying it.

Rent 2 Rent Success has helped hundreds of people to get into HMO management without large financial investments and create a win-win-win for property owners, for housemates and for themselves.

Picture of Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie, along with sister and business partner, Nicky Taylor, is a property investor creating an accommodation and education trust for people who struggle to find affordable homes.


ROOMS® source and manage fully furnished properties to meet the high standards our corporate clients and young professionals require.

Furthermore, we are landlords as well as property managers, and understand the importance of excellent management procedures to ensure efficient operations and happy tenants.

Picture of Gary Winter
Gary Winter

Joint CEO and Managing Director, ROOMS®

Picture of Sophie Foote
Sophie Foote

Managing Director, ROOMS® Southampton