What is COHO?

COHO is a property management system used by your landlord or letting agent. We do not manage or let properties, and we are NOT your landlord or letting agent.

When your property manager starts using COHO, or when you are looking for a room or starting a tenancy with one who already does, they will send you an invite to create a an account so that you can use COHO to participate in your tenancy onboarding process, manage your existing tenancy, view and download important documents, report and track maintenance issues, and communicate with your property manager or housemates.

Contact your landlord or letting agent

If you are a tenant trying to communicate with your property manager about your property or tenancy then you should log in to your COHO account and use the messaging tools provided.

If you do not have a COHO account yet then please ask your property manager for an invite.

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