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The HMO Platform® gives HMO investors and developers the confidence and skills to grow their property portfolios and create consistently high profits. Focusing on our Tenant F.I.R.S.T. Method, we work with clients to implement the five key principles of becoming a Next Level Landlord®.

The HMO Platform® provides the tools and ‘how to’ methods to create coliving HMOs, but the critical difference is it delivers direct access to the Scott Baker team of architects, project managers, designers, and planners who work with our clients, so they are not overwhelmed and see a systematic process to make their projects a reality.

Matt Baker

Co-founder of the Scott Baker Property Group and number 1 Best Selling author.

Matt Baker found his calling as a developer in 2015, and has been passionate about converting properties into shared-living accommodation ever since. Originally a professional pianist and teacher, learning and educating others is integral to Matt. In the absence of top-quality HMO training that delivers, The HMO Platform was born.​

The HMO Platform® provides HMO and coliving training tailored to support landlords and investors and empowering them with the confidence and processes necessary to create a high-cash-flow and sustainable property business through HMOs.

Delivered in a variety of ways, participants learn how to become a Next Level Landlord with our:

  • Free lunchtime webinars
  • 1-day Next-Level HMO Discovery Day
  • 3-month project-focused consultancy
  • 12-month programme – Next-Level HMO Growth Formula

Let's Talk HMOs Webinars

  • HMOs in Action
  • HMO Sourcing
  • HMO Maths
  • Doing the Build
  • Systemising Your HMOs
  • HMO Planning Permission

Discovery Day

Our webinar cycle provides tangible insight into HMO fundamentals, but we can't do it all in just 45 minutes. People requested in-person events, so we delivered!

Our 1-day interactive Discovery Day brings our webinars to life. Together, we examine several UK-wide HMO development projects designed to teach you to apply our fundamentals, from deal appraisal to management, all with direct team feedback.

If you're new to property or have just got a couple of properties and you are looking at levelling up, getting better properties, reducing your voids, increasing your cash flow then this is the perfect day for you to come. It gives a really good overall insight as to the HMO industry. What's good about it? What can be improved? Where to place your specific properties within the market. It's absolutely fantastic and you're going to get loads out of it to think about.” – Max Rayner, Stuart Clinton Property

Next Level HMO Growth Formula

Our 1-year Mastermind programme focuses on what you need to be successful – the keys to ensuring your continued growth.

It's for anyone who's serious about diving into co-living and wants their portfolio properties to rank locally in the top 5%.

The first month of the mastermind was really well. Matt and Niall's knowledge and experience is invaluable. Being able to just pass any deals through them just to get a second opinion is kind of like holding your hand so you're not thrown into the deep end.” – Tej Patel, Milliard Home

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