A flexible applicant onboarding process

COHO screenshot showing manager creating and applicant completing flexible application form

Create your own application forms

Flexible application forms to suit your workflow.

Create your own application forms to suite any workflow or circumstance using preset mandatory and optional questions in addition to your own questions.

When your applicant completes any form we'll store the data so you don't have to - no more double-keying for you or them.

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COHO screenshot showing a rent schedule

Automatically create rent schedules

We'll do the pro-rata calculations and create a rent schedule for the tenancy.

At the start of every tenancy we create a schedule of rent due on the dates you tell us it should be collected.

We'll pro-rata the initial rent amount from the move-in date to the first official rent payment date, and optionally do the same for the final payment.

Your applicant will see the rent schedule you have created and it can be used to track rent payments through COHO once the tenancy has started.

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COHO screenshot showing an applicant eSiging a tenancy agreement package

Save time with COHO eSignature

We've built eSigning into COHO so that you don't have to use a third party service or plugin

When you are ready to sign the tenancy agreement, we'll prepare an eSignature package including all of the prescribed information and any other documents you wish to include.

Once the applicant has eSigned, the manager repeats the process to confirm the legally binding agreement and an eSignature receipt is automatically created and stored with the tenancy agreement.

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COHO screenshot of demo organisation

Ready for an instant demo of COHO?

We know that it’s really hard to choose a property management system so we’ve created a fully working but fictional property portfolio complete with rooms, tenants, viewings and maintenance issues as a demonstration of what COHO can do for you.

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