Babouris. Cambridge Lettings

For landlords, renting HMOs can be stressful. Finding tenants that pays on time, don’t cause damage and doesn't violate your licensing agreements takes a lot of work!

At Babouris, we are built to take care of all of that and are on a mission to make house sharing better for everyone.

Picture of Alex Babouris
Alex Babouris

HMO investor and problem solver. Founder and Lettings Director of Babouris. Cambridge Lettings.

LEA Property Solutions

We help our landlords to maximise their rental yield by running their properties as HMOs and help them achieve the highest rents possible for the area by ensuring the properties are decorated to a high standard with good amenities and well maintained. We help our tenants by finding them suitable accommodation for their needs.

We age match in our properties for like minded living, provide weekly cleaners and therefore high cleanliness standards and follow trends in décor and furnishings giving them a house they are proud to call home!

Picture of Lucy Lea
Lucy Lea

Set up this HMO specialist agency in 2004 and has been on a mission to change the face of HMOs in Ipswich ever since!

Picture of Laura Plumb
Laura Plumb

Joined the business in 2014 after being head hunted by Lucy to join her passion of providing a high standard of accommodation in HMOs in Ipswich.