COHO Rent2Rent Management

All in one Software to Manage your Rent2Rent Portfolio

COHO makes running your Rent2Rent business easy by giving you one place to manage & market your rooms/properties.

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Don't worry about getting everything set up on COHO

Build your business for scale and get productive from Day 1 with COHO's FastTrack service.

Whatever system you currently use (even if it's just a spreadsheet) our team of trained administrators will set up your COHO account for you so that you can hit the ground running.

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Trusted by Rent2Rent Management companies across the UK

When I first saw COHO I was drawn to it's user friendly interface and all of the well thought out functions, the main issue in swapping to COHO was uploading all of our properties and tenants and the time it would take.

Clare made this incredibly easy for us. She requested the documents and info she needed, took what she needed from our current software, and we were set up within a few days. It couldn't have been more straight forward and I would totally recommend this service to get you set up correctly. As always, amazing service from COHO!
Sophie Foote, ROOMS - Rent2Rent Operator
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Market your Rent2Rent Portfolio

Set up your marketing profile on COHO.

  • List available rooms on your own website with our listings widget.
  • Manage all leads within COHO
  • Manage tenant viewings with unified communication on COHO

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COHO demo screenhot of maintenance issue tracking

One step ahead with COHOs maintenance features

Consolidate your many support channels (phone, whatsapp, email, etc.) and have all messages logged through COHO.

  • Tenants can raise issues from their portal
  • Keep track of requests to completion
  • Talk to tenants directly on issues raised

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Rent Management for Rent2Rent Portfolios

Don't miss a payment as you grow your Rent2Rent business. With COHO you no longer have to rely on excel spreadsheets to manually generate rent schedules. COHO automatically complies just the key information needed to generate rent schedules.

  • Keep a track of all expenses
  • Automatic calculation of pro-rata rent
  • Reminders for rent overdue
COHO demo screenhot of tenant compliance item tracking

COHOs Compliance Management tool

Keep track of all compliance, regulations, and legislation when working with an Rent2Rent property portfolio to avoid penalties.

  • Store all compliance document in relevant sections
  • Share it with tenants and get acknowledgements
  • Automated property actions renewal
  • Audit trails to help you avoid conflicts

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COHO demo screenhot of tenant onboarding

Tenant Management with COHO

A 10 step flexible tenant onboarding to enhance the tenant experience. Generate welcome packs for your tenants at organisation and property level to enhance customer experience.

  • Holding fee for reserving the room
  • Build tenant application forms
  • Generate automated rent schedule
  • Compliance documents Management
  • COHO eSignature for tenancy agreements
  • Calculate move-in monies

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COHO demo screenhot of tenant compliance item tracking

Stay ahead with property management actions

COHO automatically generates property actions for Rent2Rent managers on day to day basis.

  • Get updates on all due actions for your portfolio by categories
  • View or snooze the action for future
COHO demo screenshot of documents

Managing property documentation with COHO

Our document management is straightforward. It lets you store, manage and organize all documents related to property in one place.

  • Store all important property information
  • Share this information with tenant or keep it private
  • Manage all property documentation
  • Store documents like warranty cards, lease documents, bills, etc.
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Explore COHO for a lot more

COHO is ever-evolving and we keep adding features to help you manage your HMO property portfolio efficiently and seamlessly.

  • Track the most important metrics with Portfolio Performance
  • Add as many users you want to help manage operations
  • Record details of property ownership
  • Generate rent statement reports and download as a CSV
  • Coming soon! - Everything related to the financial management of your business

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