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COHO proudly hosted the prestigious HMO Awards for 2023-2024 on Friday 31st May, honouring the innovators and leaders within the HMO sector. The event, celebrated with enthusiasm and grandeur, recognised outstanding contributions from individuals and businesses to the management and development of HMO properties.

Event Highlights

Held for a second time at the illustrious Stowe School, the ceremony brought together nearly 400 industry professionals to celebrate achievements in various categories. The afternoon was filled with:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Insightful TED-style talks by industry leaders
  • Panel discussions on the future of HMOs
  • Awards ceremony recognising excellence

Notable award categories included "Best Agency," "Best HMO Investor”, "Best Community Experience”, "Creating a Sustainable Future”, and the “Lifetime Achievement” award.

Winners of the 23/24 HMO Awards

Best Agency: Babouris

Alex Babouris, for exceptional service for landlords and tenants, with a focus on compliance, training, and business growth.

Best HMO Investor: Luxome

Punk Takiar, for prudent risk management and delivering above-market returns.

Best Commercial to HMO Conversion: B-Hive Living

Williams Johnson Mota, for creating thriving communities and a solid customer experience.

Creating a Sustainable Future: Fraser Besant

For his skill and knowledge in commercial buildings and HMO regulations

Lifetime Achievement Award: HMO Reform Group

Daryn Brewer, Wendy Whittaker-Large, and Matt Baker, for campaigning to change the law on council tax for individual rooms in HMOs.

Comments from COHO's CEO

COHO's CEO, Vann Vogstad, commented: "The HMO Awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of professionals in the HMO sector. It’s such a privilege for my team and I to host this event, aimed at supporting and recognising the innovation and excellence of everyone operating in this industry."

Gary Barker, COO/CTO at the TM Group and one of this year's judges, added: “The calibre of entries this year was mind-blowing and choosing the winners was by no means an easy task. There are so many incredible people investing their all in this industry, drowning out the noise of the few bad apples damaging the industry reputation. At this rate we will soon see a monumental shift in how people view the HMO community.”

Guest Reactions

Guests praised the event on social media, with one attendee noting, "The HMO Awards 2023-2024 was a night to remember! Such a fantastic celebration of talent in our industry." Other guest comments included, "Incredible evening at the #HMOAwards. Honoured to be a part of this amazing community" and “So much knowledge, expertise and vision in one room was mind blowing”.

For the full list of winners, please visit: Full List of Winners