Housemates can log maintenance issues with pictures quickly and easily using COHO. Each issue is tracked seperately with it's own conversation and can be assigned a severity and status visible to all housemates.

Last updated: 1st June 2021

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1. Invite your tenants to COHO

We've created a specific How To guide covering how you Invite a tenant to COHO and what you and they should expect to see.

Don't forget to let them know that they should use COHO to log their issues to get better visibility of progress.

2. A housemate logs a new maintenance issue

The housemate gives the issue a title, and tells you a little bit about what is going on, and can add multiple images.

If they don't have any photo's to hand, or they forget something, they can add it later to the conversation attached to the issue.

The housemate can also choose whether the issue is shared with the other housemates using COHO in the property.

Managers can also add maintenance issues to be tracked, as well as adding issues on behalf of housemates where the issue might have been reported outside of COHO.

3. You receive a notification

COHO Notification Email and Push Notification - New Maintenance Issue

Depending on how you access COHO and your notification settings, you might receive a push notification to your phone or tablet, or an email to your registered email address.

High severity maintenance issues are always notified immediately.

4. Review the issue, and acknowledge receipt

Changing the status of the maintenance issue will be reflected in the housemate's “My Home” page.

Recording “Activity” is simply internal notes that the housemate will never see, but you can share with your team members.

There's also quick access to the conversation so you can update the housemates on any plans or progress.

5. Update the housemates with progress

As well as logging internal notes for your team, regular updates for the housemates will keep them up to date with what is happening and avoid them having to chase you for progress updates.

6. Finally, close the issue

When everything has been completed you can mark the issue as complete for the housemates. COHO also let's you retain completed records before they are “closed” so that you can finalise any billing or payment with your wider team.

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