Give your property business the protection, control and consistency it needs, with certainty over the issue and acknowledgement of your compliance documents.

Last updated: 30th March 2022

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1. Keeping track of compliance documents and renewals

COHO Property Management Page - Gas Safety. EPC and EICR Panels

You can upload and manage documents relating to compliance for each property:

  • Gas safety certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • HMO Licence (if required)

2. Automatic actions and reminders

COHO Property Management Page - Compliance Actions

Get auto-reminders and follow-ups when the compliance checks are due. COHO generates property actions for all compliance checks when they are missing or becoming due.

Get notified via emails and push notifications.

3. Documents acknowledged during tenant onboarding

COHO Onboarding - Tenant Acknowledging compliance documents

During the onboarding of a new tenant, you will see and check which documents they will be asked to acknowledge, and then they have to be acknowledge them during the onboarding process, before it can continue.

This helps you to make sure that tenant has always seen the latest copy of each complicance document before a tenancy agreement is completed using COHO eSignature.

4. Be certain that documents have been acknowledged

COHO Property Compliance - Tenant Acknowledgement

For each tenancy, you can view details of when each document was acknowledged.

5. Tenant view of compliance

COHO My Home - Tenant Acknowledgement

Tenants can also view all the compliance documents presented to them in their own COHO portal.

6. Updating your documents creates actions for your tenants

COHO My Home - Tenant Compliance Action

When you update a compliance document, we will update the document that they can view in their compliance panel and also notify the tenant that the document has been updated in COHO by email and by push notification (if appropriate).

Tenants will be invited to acknowledge the additional document(s).