Create a tenant welcome pack

A good, comprehensive welcome pack creates a great first impression for new tenants and an extremely useful resource for property information. An online welcome pack is both cost effective to publish and also very straightforward to create and update.

Last updated: 26th October 2021

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1. What will the tenant see?

When your tenant joins COHO and logs into their My Home, they will see a Welcome pack section including a number of Quick Items, such as telephone numbers, access codes, etc as well as information cards relating to...

  • All aspects of their tenancy with your organisation, such as how to contact you in an emergency
  • Property specific information, such as how to reset the WiFi router
  • Room specific information, such as the room inventory

2. How do I create a welcome pack?

Diagram showing inheritance of documents

In simple terms, you create a welcome pack by creating as many or as few quick items and info cards as you need. However, that could become very time consuming for every room, even in a modest portfolio.

To simplify the task COHO lets you add both Quick Items and Info Cards at the top level of your organisation, as well as at property and room level. Anything added at the very top level is ‘inherited’ by all properties. Anything added at a property level is specific to that property and ‘inherited’ by all rooms.

To cater for exceptions, at both a property and a room level you can hide an inherited item, should it not be required, and of course you can also add a property or room specific item to replace it.

In the diagram above, Dahlia properties

  • Has added cards A and B at the top level to be used on all properties.
  • At property level, and for this property only, card A has been “hidden” and a new card C has been added
  • At room level, and for this room only, card D has been added

And so the welcome pack for this room will comprise cards B, C and D.

So, for example...

  • A "How to be a good housemate" guide would be added to all properties and included in all welcome packs
  • A bin collection schedule for all but 2 properties would be added to all properties, and then hidden and replaced for those 2 specific properties
  • A guide on defrosting a fridge freezer would be added to the specific property to which it applied
  • An instruction manual for a TV would be added to the specific room to which it applied

3. Create a quick item

A quick item typically represents a short piece of text or some numbers and a label.

Typical uses might include:

  • Useful telephone numbers
  • Property or room access codes (for tenants)
  • WiFi access codes
  • Bin day reminder(s)

YOu may add as many quick items as required.

4. Create an info card

An info card holds more information than a simpler quick item.

In addition to the main title of the card you can add any combination of the following items:

  • Rich text
  • Images
  • Files, such as PDF documents
  • External links to public or unlisted Youtube videos

You may add as many info cards as required.

If you have a video file (such as an mp4) that you wish to use, you will first need to create a free YouTube account (you do not need to create a channel), upload your video(s) and if you wish that it should remain private choose the option for ‘unlisted’ when asked if it should be public, unlisted or private. Unlisted videos can be linked to but are not publicly accessible by searching through YouTube.