Welcome to COHO

We're extending a particularly warm welcome to Go Tenant customers this month, with exclusive offers to join COHO and specific migration support and assistance.

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Go Tenant and COHO... Together At Last

The next step on your property management journey starts here. Take the first steps today to benefit from:

  • An Exclusive FastTrack Service: Our dedicated FastTrack team is ready to ensure a seamless migration of your data. By booking a slot now, you secure a hassle-free transition, handled by experts, at no cost to you.
  • Heavily Discounted COHO Subscription: As a valued Go Tenant customer, you're entitled to a special subscription rate. This offer is designed to provide you with unparalleled value as you transition to COHO.

Before you begin.

Take a moment to look at COHO or find our more about your migration from Go Tenant.

Our Instant Demo will let you take a look around a fully populated COHO account.

How it works

The migration process has a series of steps detailed here. Some of them can be completed at different points in the process, so you will need to bookmark this page and return here to advance to the next stage after completing some of the steps.

Please note. Because we take the importance of your data and privacy seriously, as such, both Go Tenant and COHO thought it was important for the migration to be a choice, and as such, no sensitive data has been exchanged, nor requested.

COHO is extending an exclusive deal for Go Tenant customers, as well as completely free data migration carried out by our FastTrack team for anybody making a commitment in March.

What are you waiting for?

Places are limited. Start today!

Step 1

Register your COHO account

If you have not already done so, please register your COHO account via the button below.

Step 2

Start your COHO subscription

At the end of the registration process, add your payment details to COHO and make an initial payment to start your subscription.

Step 3

Ready to migrate

Complete a simple form to provide your details for the migration.

Step 4

Book your FastTrack slot

When you have completed steps 1-3, book your FastTrack slot to connect with our team and make sure you've got everything in place. This is intended as a quick 10-15 minute call to check you are ready for your FastTrack and talk about the next steps with your Go Tenant account.

Step 5

Request your Go Tenant data

After your FastTrack call you will need to request your data download from Go Tenant. The FastTrack team will confirm with you on your call when you should make this request, in the meantime you will be able to continue using Go tenant normally.

Step 6

Give us your data

Once you receive your confirmation email from Go Tenant that your data is available, please complete the credentials form.

Step 7

Finalise your migration

Once you receive confirmation from us that your migration is complete you can access your COHO account and start working straight away.

Please note that you will also need to cancel your Go Tenant subscription once you no longer require access to the account.

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No FastTrack required?

Whether you relish the learning opportunity of loading your own data or you just want to ‘start again’ feel free to use the link below to access the exclusive Go Tenant pricing and get started right away.

Getting Started

Here are a few useful resources that you can use to get a headstart on your COHO journey.

Watch the pre-recorded training sessions in our basics playlist or book a place on our group training sessions specifically for those of you that are joining us from Go Tenant.

COHO Basic Training Playlist

Use the playlist for our basic training series. to pick and choose the areas of interest to you.

Book a training session

Sessions last approx 60 minutes and places are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from Go Tenant customers coming to COHO, about the migration and also about COHO.

How much does it cost?

We've extended an exclusive, limited time offer for Go Tenant users of £1.80 per unit on a monthly contract or £1.65 per unit on an annual basis, with free FastTrack, subject top a minimum of 20 units.

This offer currently expires at the end of April 2024.

Our standard pricing recently increased to £2.50 per unit on a monthly contract, with 10% discount for an annual commitment. FastTrack is currently priced at £7.50 per unit.

Of course, everything here is plus VAT.

How long will the migration take?

Once you have received your email confirming the availability of your Go Tenant data, and you have completed the form providing us with your login information we aim to have your COHO account ready within 5 business days. Our FastTrack team will reach out to you as soon as we are ready to handover your account.

What information will be migrated?

We will be able to migrate your properties, rooms, tenancies, ASTs and property compliance documents. This includes and property images you have added to Go Tenant.

What happens to any information that is added to or changed on Go Tenant after I provide my backup file for the migration ?

If you make any changes to Go tenant after your data backup is provided to you then you will need to make sure the same changes are made on COHO once we handover your account.

What, if anything will I have to do after the migration?

There will be a number of things you will need to do, check and complete in order to finalise the migration. We will include a migration report identifying any information that we think you should look at, and our FastTrack team will confirm with you any further steps.

These will include, for example, updating rent payment dates so that COHO can generate your rent schedules, and reviewing tenancies where there is no start date on Go Tenant.

How long should I keep my Go Tenant account?

That is very much up to you. However, we recommend that you retain access to your account until you have had the opportunity to confirm that everything is on COHO.

Are there extra charges for texts/emails sent via the COHO?

There are currently no additional charges for sending out emails or using SMS messages in viewings, onboarding and maintenance.

What are the charges for referencing and eSignatures?

COHO eSignatures cost £1 plus VAT per envelope, where an envelope contains every document included in an onbaording. Our integrated Referencing service with Advanced Rent costs £16.50 plus VAT for a single reference for a tenant or a guarantor, or £30 plus VAT when purchasing both a tenant and guarantor reference at the same time.

How do I add our AST, and what format does it need to be uploaded in?

ASTs can be populated with our tags/placeholders and stored on COHO prior to a tenant onboarding. This is accessed via the settings cog that sits in the top right hand corner of the onboarding panel. You can also add a guarantor agreement and any additional documents. Your AST needs to be in a Microsoft Word (docx) format to merge correctly. The list of mail merge tags/placeholders available can also be found via that cog on the onboarding panel.

Is it possible to vary the process flow of the Onboarding experience?

The onboarding process is a set 6 stage process and currently can't be changed. You can however skip stages that you do not wish to do. Alternatively, you may find the Workflow Templates on the Actions panel quite useful if there is anything else you do during the onboarding process. You can bypass arranging viewings and go straight in for onboarding a brand new tenant. Tenants that are currently going through the onboarding process are able to message the current tenants in the property.

Do tenants and/or tradespeople have to use the COHO app to receive a message from us sending them a message from within the COHO?

It is hugely benficial for tenants (for their sake as well as yours) for them to use the COHO. They are able to view their tenancy information, compliance documents, welcome pack information, their rent schedules, use the message centre and report maintenance issues. Whilst messages can be sent out via email to tenants they are unable to reply to those messages which is another reason to try and get as many tenants access to their dashboard as possible. Reporting of maintenance is also useful to them as they can see the progress of maintenance issues they have reported without you needing to message them with updates. We currently don't send messages out to WhatsApp or via SMS. When sending out work orders/job sheets to tradespersons via the Maintenance panel, they receive these via email and SMS with a 'magic link' to click to open up a dashboard showing them the relevant information about the maintenance issue. Currently they do not need to create a COHO account to access the information.

Can I use eSignature for other documents?

Currently no. You can only use eSignature within the context of an onboarding. However we are looking at extending this capability soon.

Does COHO work with Xero?

Yes. We already have the ability for you to export rent and other invoice data in CSV form from COHO to upload into Xero. We are currently working on a two way Xero integration and more news will follow on this soon.

Can I send a pre-qualification form when someone requests a viewing?

Right now, now, but this capability is included in an updated version of our Viewings function which is completed and in the final stages of testing and will be released imminently.

If I invite my tenants to COHO, what will they see?

When you invite a tenant to COHO, their "My Home" page will allow them to view details of:

  • Their tenancy, including their tenancy agreement
  • Any ongoing maintenance issues in the house (as well as being able to log a new issue)
  • Your property welcome pack containing useful information for them to know about the property/room
  • Details of their rent payments due and upcoming
  • Compliancy details - copies of important documents like your EPC and your EICR
  • Information and documents regarding the registration of their deposit, if applicable
  • Information about their housemates
  • Their own COHO profile

Additionally they will also be able to access their own message centre to view messages you send them and reply to conversations where replies are allowed.

Please note: If you choose to view an Instant demo you can use the account switcher in the pink panel at the top of the page to view a tenant dashboard in the demo account.

If I invite a property owner to COHO, what will they see?

When you invite a property owner to COHO their "Owner dashboard" will allow them to see:

  • A list of properties
  • Any ongoing maintenance issues you have chosen to share with them, if any
  • For a property, information about the latest compliance documents
  • In a property, a summary of rooms, including tenant names and profile images, occupancy dates (move in date, fixed term end date, or periodic since date) but no other details (they cannot click to enter a room)

If the property is managed, then the room information includes the high level rent payable amount by the tenant for each tenancy. E.g. £750 per month

If the property is on a master lease (or rent to rent) then no rent information at all is disclosed to the property owner.

Please note: If you choose to view an Instant demo you can use the account switcher in the pink panel at the top of the page to view an owner dashboard on a rent to rent property in the demo account.