Successfully Managing Viewings

COHO screenshot showing Facebook Marketplace and Spareroom as sources of leads into COHO

Push listings to Spareroom and Facebook Marketplace

Automatically push available room listings from COHO to Facebook Marketplace and Spareroom.

We'll simply, automatically list all of your available rooms for you on Facebook Marketplace via our API integration between COHO and Facebook.

We'll also push listings to your own Spareroom account on demand. No more retyping everything you've already created into a Spareroom listing.

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COHO screenshot showing management of leads messages from multiple sources

View leads from multiple sources

All your leads Facebook and Spareroom are pulled into COHO to be managed in one place.

We go and check if people have been responding to your ads on Facebook Marketplace and Spareroom and pull the messages into COHO as leads to be managed alongisde your COHO viewing requests.

You can invite the “lead” to a viewing in COHO or dismiss it and we'll archive it for you.

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COHO screenshot showing a viewing conversation and contextual actions

Manage viewing bookings

All viewing requests are conversations, and viewing conversations have actions that the manager can use to create trackable data at the appropriate time.

When you are ready to propose a viewing date, click the button and select a date and time and we'll add it to your viewings calendar.

Dates are proposed by the manager and can then be accepted or rejected by the other party, all from within the conversation in COHO. As the conversation progresses, the actions change, meaning that a single conversation can take a lead through viewing to onboarding as a housemate.

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COHO screenshot of demo organisation

Ready for an instant demo of COHO?

We know that it’s really hard to choose a property management system so we’ve created a fully working but fictional property portfolio complete with rooms, tenants, viewings and maintenance issues as a demonstration of what COHO can do for you.

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