Maintenance & Unified Messaging

COHO demo screenshot of messaging for repairs and maintenance issues

Keep Track of Every Issue

That big WhatsApp group is useful, but it makes it really hard to catch and keep track of inidvidual maintenance issues that are reported, especially within a bigger team.

COHO lets your housemates start a maintenance conversation that allows you track it through to completion.

Not only will you get to see all of your open or outstanding issues in one place for a property or across your whole portfolio, but the housemate or the whole house will stay updated as the issue progross through the various stages from open, through arranged to complete.

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COHO demo screenshot of messaging unified inbox

All Messages In One Place

A single, unified inbox with all your messages in one place and accessible by your whole team.

From simple one-to-one messages to group chats with all housemates in a property. Manage viewing conversations from lead through viewing and into onboarding. Keep track of all maitenance issues from notification to completion.

  • Filter by type - message, viewing, onboarding or maintenance
  • Filter by property or view all properties

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COHO demo screenshot of contextual actions within a conversation

Always be in the know

Every conversation in COHO keeps you full informed about context: who, why and when.

Contextual actions allow you to set a status or priority for maintanence issues, and fully manage viewing appointments and onboarding from within the conversation.

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COHO screenshot of demo organisation

Ready for an instant demo of COHO?

We know that it’s really hard to choose a property management system so we’ve created a fully working but fictional property portfolio complete with rooms, tenants, viewings and maintenance issues as a demonstration of what COHO can do for you.

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