HMO Maintenance and Tenant Messaging

COHO demo screenshot of messaging for repairs and maintenance issues

Keep track of every request

That big WhatsApp group is useful, but it makes it hard to catch and keep track of individual maintenance issues reported, especially when there’s more than one of you working on them.

COHO lets your housemates start a maintenance conversation that allows you to track it to completion.

Not only will you be able to see all of your open and outstanding issues in one place for a property or across your whole portfolio, the housemate or whole household can be kept up to date as the issue moves through the different stages, from open to in-progress to complete.

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COHO demo screenshot of setrting up an autresponder on a maintenance category

Auto-Responders for maintenance issues

Quickly acknowledging a problem goes a long way and helps us to calm down a tenant who is having trouble with maintenance.

COHO lets you set up a bespoke autoresponder message for each type of maintenance request.

For example, tell them to try rebooting the router if the internet isn't working, or tell them you'll respond within 24 hours for jobs that aren't as important.

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COHO demo screenshot of contextual actions within a conversation

Help Me Fix Integration

When your tenants report a maintenance problem on COHO, they can connect directly to an engineer through the HelpMeFix integration, which is a COHO partner service.

Subscribing to HelpmeFix helps to reduce physical callouts when issues can be solved by digital triage or a video call with an engineer. This helps in reducing handyman visits and reduces costs. You can enable it for one or all properties in your portfolio.

COHO demo screenshot of contextual actions within a conversation

Everything at a glance

COHO Message Centre is very easy to navigate. You can filter the conversations by property or type (maintenance, viewings, onboarding, etc.).

You can take quick actions from within the conversation. For example, in the Message Centre, you can change the severity and status or add notes for an ongoing issue.

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COHO demo screenshot of sending a broadcast message

Broadcast Message

Send messages to all tenants in all (or some) properties.

Choose whether to broadcast a read-only announcement or accept individual replies.

The replies are tied to the message and appear in the Message Centre.

Broadcast messages are automatically filtered out of the list of regular messages.

COHO demo screenshot of messaging unified inbox

COHO Message Centre

A single inbox with all your messages in one place, accessible to your whole team, even on the go.

From simple one-to-one messages to group chats with all housemates in a property. Manage viewing conversations from lead through viewing and into onboarding.

Keep track of all maintenance issues from notification to completion.

  • Filter by type - message, viewing, onboarding or maintenance
  • Filter by property or view all properties

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We know it's really hard to choose a property management software when you can’t touch and feel it. We've created a fully functional property portfolio complete with rooms and tenants, where you can see and interact with real scenarios for Compliance Actions, Tenant Onboarding and Maintenance.

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