Solving Your Compliance Headache

COHO screenshot showing Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate stored for a property

Store important documents

Upload and securely store copies of important documents relating to your organisation, properties and housemnates.

There's nothing worse than not being able to find something when you need it. COHO provides an organised library of stored documents for each housemate's tenancy, each property and even for your business.

Whether you are storing something as important as your annual gas safety certificate for a property, something that must be kept on file for a prescribed time such as right to rent documents, or simply useful information like as warranties or guarantees COHO gives you somewhere to put them where they can be easily retrieved at any time by you or your team.

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COHO screenshot showing actions for gas safety certificate and boiler service

Automated renewal reminders

When you upload any document to COHO we will work out when it needs to be replaced or renewed and remind you that it needs to be done.

You can configure whether we remind you and also how long before any item is due. i.e. I need to know about my Gas Safety Certificate 4 weeks in advance, but I would like 6 weeks notice for my HMO licence renewal.

Notification methods currently include:

  • Prompting you when you log in, on screen, that items need your attention.
  • Alerting you via email, individually for important items and in a daily summary for most items that new actions need your attention..

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COHO demo screenshot of tenant acknowledgement for compliance items

Housemate acknowledgement

It's virtually impossible to keep track of all documents for all tenancies in all properties without some sort of automation. What's worse is that knowledge that at any time someone could challenge you to prove that someone has seen something.

That doesn't just apply to the start of a tenancy, but at any point when a new certificate is provided.

COHO keeps a record of all acknowledgements for a tenancy so you can be certain that a tenant has seen a document or that you have shown it to them, whether that is part of their onboarding or during their tenancy.

You can see at a glance what has been acknowledged and what hasn't and take the necessary steps to make sure everything is completed. Housemates will receive notifications and actions to acknowledge existing or new documents at the appropriate time.

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COHO screenshot of demo organisation

Ready for an instant demo of COHO?

We know that it’s really hard to choose a property management system so we’ve created a fully working but fictional property portfolio complete with rooms, tenants, viewings and maintenance issues as a demonstration of what COHO can do for you.

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