Worried about getting everything set up on COHO?

Our newly introduced FastTrack service does all the heavy lifting for you.

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COHO screenshot of real organisation with properties loaded through COHO FastTrack

Let us do the hard work for you

Migrating over from an existing system is always fraught with concerns, from the time it takes to get set up to having to learn new technology and how this might impact you operationally and financially.

Whatever system you currently use (even if it's just a spreadsheet) our team will set up your COHO account for you. From setting up your properties to inviting all of your tenants, we can help you to be productive with COHO from day one and ensure you hit the ground running.

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What people are saying about COHO FastTrack

The FastTrack service has been invaluable in the the process of transferring our paper based business onto COHO. It was extremely efficient at uploading relevant files - an enormous time saver.

Communication with the COHO team throughout was extremely efficient and helpful. Responses were quick and everything was set up comprehensively.

We are very happy with our close relationship with COHO. This was a really impressive service and we are grateful for all your help - Thankyou!
Jonathan Rapley, Premier Properties

What does FastTrack cost?


Simple pricing

Just £5 per unit

Each room (unit) or single-let is charged at £5 plus VAT for each unit that we upload for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is COHO FastTrack?

Fast Track is best seen as your Virtual Assistance team. We will collate all of the information that we know is required, whether that be downloading it from your current system or sorting it from a more manual system and personally upload it all for you into your account. As well as this, we will train you on how to best use the account moving forward once all the information is in your COHO account.

Why should I use COHO FastTrack?

The vast majority of our new customers now use FastTrack as it removes the ‘pain of change’. Managers come over to COHO because they recognise all that it does, but moving from an old system is often difficult and time consuming. FastTrack was introduced to remove this pain and time pressure and make any switch over seamless from your perspective.

When can you apply for COHO FastTrack?

FastTrack is of most use when you first decide to become a COHO member. The option will most likely be discussed with you when speaking with one of our team. If you do decide that it's for you then you will just need to create an account, let us know the number of units you manage and we will take it from there.

What people are saying about COHO FastTrack

Goodbye UrbanShared app and hello COHO!

Migrating 92 tenants was my only concern, but thanks to their FastTrack service, I've literally done nothing and switched platforms.
Dan Jackson, UrbanShared
I recently signed up to COHO on a recommendation of someone who hadn't used it but had heard it was the new up and coming system to be part of. After trialling other systems I wasn't holding out much hope as I have been put off because of the uploading of all the properties and their content.

Well, I was in for a big surprise when chatting with COHO, they do all the uploading for you. All I had to do was put my documents together and send, they did the rest. The cost was next to nothing, it was like music to my ears.
Kate Davis-Hill, Scarlett Properties