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A property management software platform bringing all aspects of managing HMOs, shared living, coliving rental properties, and tenants into one workflow.

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COHO is not just another property management system

COHO is built for the future of shared living & property management.

It helps you save time and grow your business, bringing different aspects of management into one place.

Tenant Find icon
Tenant find

One-click integration with propertly listing marketplaces and viewings.

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eSign contracts

eSign tenancy agreements within COHO without a third party integration

Rent collection icon
Rent management

Automate rent schedules, reminders, track & manage rents received

Repairs/Maintenance icon

Create, review and handle all your maintenance issues in one place

Compliance icon

Be on top of all compliance issues, seamlessly serve compliance to new tenants

Onboarding icon
New tenant management

Involve and onboard tenants with a seamless onboarding process

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Document management

Manage all property documents within COHO with renewal tracking

Property icon
Property management

Let COHO do all heavy lifting to keep you on top of whats pending at your property

Messaging icon

Handle all tenant conversations in one unified message centre

COHO embraces all property management business models

You can be an individual landlord, HMO, student housing, lettings, rent to rent, coliving or any rental property management company.

Boost your productivity. Start using COHO today.

Why choose COHO?

COHO is already being used to manage thousands of units across the UK.

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Fast Track

We do the legwork by transferring all the property, tenant, and compliance data over to you

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Priority support

Get access to the COHO team with a private support channel on Discord

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COHO helps you bring all aspects of property & tenant management on one single platform

What our customers say about COHO

I’m finding COHO so brilliant - I’m so impressed by how user friendly it is, especially the onboarding process for new tenants is so easy for them to jump in and get the paperwork done!
Sophie Foote, Southamption - Rooms - Rent2Rent landlord & property manager
Not only have the guys at COHO developed and continue to develop a fantastic HMO management software, it’s also the service that comes with it that’s noticeable - it’s excellent!
Sam Ellis - Portsmouth - Fika CoLiving, HMO specialist lettings & management agency
“If you’re using spreadsheets to manage your HMO’s you are unwittingly making your life MUCH harder. Having tried most software, the best for HMO is COHO - I’m really impressed with how the platform works.
Alex Babouris - Cambridge - Babouris - HMO specialist lettings & management agency
Goodbye UrbanShared app and hello COHO! Migrating 92 tenants was my only concern, but thanks to their FastTrack service, I’ve literally done nothing and switched platforms.
Dan Jackson, London - Rent2Rent landlord & HMO managing agent
I’ve gone from sifting through paperwork and bank statements numerous times a week to just working on the business for only a couple of hours on a Sunday morning!
Kyle Parry, Cheshire - KJP Property Group - Rent2Rent landlord

Still have questions on how COHO can help you?

We recommend that you try COHO first, then book a session with our team here.

Latest Updates from COHO

COHO Celebrates Excellence in the HMO Industry.

COHO proudly hosted the prestigious HMO Awards for 2023-2024 on Friday 31st May, honouring the innovators and leaders within the HMO sector. The event, celebrated with enthusiasm and grandeur, recognised outstanding contributions from individuals and businesses to the management and development of HMO properties.

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Your HMO Compliance Renewals Checklist.

Are you familiar with the feeling of having missed something? It is irking when you can't quite still that mental itch, and put your finger on what it is that you have forgotten. You're going about your day, ticking jobs off from your ‘to do list’, but something is missing!

You're going about your day, ticking jobs off from your ‘to do list’, but something is missing! Order a new washing machine. Done.

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Sarah Watt - The Building of Alt Street Management.

Back in 2008 Sarah and Andrew purchased their first property in Sydney, Australia. At the time they both had other jobs; Sarah as a graduate accountant and Andrew an apprentice electrician. They were ‘weekend warriors’, and loved putting in the hard work around their day jobs to improve their property. In 2011 they purchased their first buy-to-let, in Alt Street…and this marked the beginning of their property portfolio.

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Ben Madden - How to add value as a rent2rent agent.

When the room rental market began to expand at a rapid rate, approximately 8 years ago, Ben spotted an opportunity through his lettings agency to build a rent2rent portfolio.

he market was changing; there appeared to be a decrease in the amount of friends who would rent a house together and an increase in people staying at home longer with parents or renting a single room.

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Maddy Norridge - Building a social housing HMO business in the UK.

Investing in property is not a new way of ensuring you have a pension fund for financing your retirement dreams. If you're anything like me, you have wild plans of travelling the world in a campervan and a pair of patchwork harem pants and trying out every hobby from bingo to BASE jumping…and that stuff costs some cash.

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Gergo Herald - Being better than the average in the HMO property Industry.

Every now and then we like to check in with our COHO customers to get a sneaky peek into what they have planned in the future for their businesses and how they came to be where they are now.

Way back in the wintery depths of January 2022 COHO's Helen Turner had a chat with Gergo Herald of HGG Properties.

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Sophie Foote - On comfortable, clean and beautiful.

Celebrating the success stories of our customers is one of our all time favourite things to do. It gives us a real warm, fuzzy feeling inside when we can share in the enthusiasm and excitement our clients feel about their accomplishments.

Last December, COHO's Helen Turner caught up with rent2rent landlord Sophie Foote; and together they reflected on the first year following the launch of Sophie's new venture.

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Sample Tenant Welcome Pack for HMO Landlords.

It's important to give new tenants a welcome pack if you want to give great service and build a good relationship with them.

Tenants usually only get one look at a place before moving in, which can seem very different once all the old furniture and possessions have been removed. It's also possible that new residents won't be familiar with the neighbourhood.

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Want to start an HMO Business? Receive first-hand guidance from Alex Babouris of Babouris Cambridge Lettings.

In this interview, we begin the series with our special guest Alex Babouris, the owner of Babouris Cambridge Lettings, a unique letting agency. They seek to prioritize the customer experience and make house-sharing better for everyone.

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COHO raises £275k in bid to become ‘Airnb for shared housing’

The entrepreneur behind a new property management platform has raised £275,000 to establish it as the ‘Airbnb for shared living’. Vann Vogstad has raised funding from the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, which is managed by Mercia and part of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, and private investors.

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First Virtual COHO Townhall 2022

We recently concluded our first Townhall at COHO. The idea was to share the features we had in mind and crowd-source the list of priorities in a true COHO way. We have always been a fan of building in public. It has been a transparent journey since the start and we want to continue to build it the same way.

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The Biggest Name in PropTech Joins COHO

News broke recently of Gary Barker, often called “the biggest name in PropTech”, taking up a role in COHO. With many large agents often avoiding HMOs, why now does Gary, who during his 15 year tenure as CEO of Reapit saw it become the industry's most-used management software, turn his attention to shared living? We reached out to Gary to give his thoughts on the subject/

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COHO launches Onboarding

Exciting news. After more than 6 months of development... It's what loads of you have been asking for, and it's finally here! It has been a long slog, but we've finally finished and ready for you all to try it. But... What is Onboarding?

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