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Lea Property Solutions

We run HMOs around Ipswich town centre. We have two HMOs in a village called Witnesham (10 minute drive from Ipswich town centre) that we call our countryside retreats for those wishing a slower pace of life!

Our target market is working professionals and our most popular age group is 20-30 years of age. We launched our first 16 bedroom student house in 2020 but Ipswich is not currently a large University town, this may change in the future however in which case we are ready!

We help our landlords to maximise their rental yield by running their properties as HMOs and help them achieve the highest rents possible for the area by ensuring the properties are decorated to a high standard with good amenities and well maintained.

We help our tenants by finding them suitable accommodation for their needs. We age match in our properties for like minded living, provide weekly cleaners and therefore high cleanliness standards and follow trends in décor and furnishings giving them a house they are proud to call home!

Lucy Lea

Managing Director

Moved back to Ipswich in 2002 after being at University and couldn't find anywhere to live that was clean, tidy, trendy and with likeminded people my own age. Decided this was a niche market in Ipswich and LEA Property Solutions was born! The business has grown steadily over the past 18 years up to a team of 6 of us today. This has given me years of hands-on experience, especially given that I lived in HMOs throughout University and that my experience of them was appalling and prompted me to ensure that LEA Property Solutions was different in every way!​

Laura Plumb

Senior Lettings Manager

Since joining Lucy at LEA Property Solutions, we have worked hard to deliver a high standard of customer service to all of our clients. The hard work we have put in has enabled us to expand the business to the fantastic team of 6 that we are surrounded by today. 8 years of experience means that I have a full understanding of what our landlords and tenants require – both are very different!.​

We converted an old tired guest house into a premium HMO and we are in the process of applying for planning to add another two rooms on. We held an open house and all rooms went in 24 hours. We named each bedroom after famous celebrities in the Suffolk area to give them an identity and so the tenants felt the property was different and special to other HMOs on the market.

Project management service for our landlords

We will over see all renovations from standard property to premium HMO including all the necessary HMO regs and submitting HMO licence.

We took on our first project management property in Hervey Street in 2009, 5 years after starting the business when we recognised a niche in the market. Fast forward 13 years and we are just completing another project management property in the same street; Hervey Street, 11 doors up! Photos available.

For hands off landlords, we literally do everything from ensuring all the necessary paperwork is in place and registering with all the utility companies and continuing to manage these accounts throughout the tenancies to advising on trend décor and furnishings and dressing the property for videos and photos for their portfolio.

Age matching tenants in our properties

We age match tenants in our properties as we firmly believe this is important for like minded, harmonious living! We have house shares 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 50-60. All age groups require HMOs these days and that’s where the market has changed in the past 18 years.

If you would like to know more then please visit our website www.leapropertysolutions.co.uk or you can contact Managing Director Lucy Lea direct on 07811217072 or by email at lucylea@leapropertysolutions.co.uk

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