Share the COHO Love

Invite other property professionals to COHO and earn rewards

Share your unique COHO link via email, facebook, linkedin or twitter and earn rewards for everyone who signs up.

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How does it work?

You can now earn rewards for sharing the COHO love within your own network. Look in 'Your Account' for your own unique referral link so that we can track who has signed up using your link and reward you accordingly.

5 for them, 5 for you (for starters).

Anyone who signs up via your link will get a 5% discount on their subscription when they add their first property and will be eligible for a 20% discount on our FastTrack service and YOU will qualify you for our Bronze status which will give you 5% off your own subscription. Keep sharing and using your own account to move up to the ranks to Gold status.

Every time you refer someone with your unique link who goes on to add their first unit, you will earn a massive 100 points.

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How do I earn points?

Earn rewards simply by using COHO – You can earn points which then count towards personalised gifts from us and discounts on your own subscription.

Points Action
5 Add your first property
10 Add your first 10 units
10 Succesfully onboard your first tenant
50 Use your first 5 COHO reference checks
25 Every 5 COHO reference checks thereafter
5 Use your first COHO eSignature
1 Every COHO eSignature thereafter
10 Tag COHO on social media
100 Every succesful COHO referral
COHO Bronze Status

100 points and over

Congratulations! You've made it to the first tier of COHO legendary status. We have applied a 5% discount to your account and a little thank you from team COHO is on its way to you in the post.

Keeping sharing the love to move to Silver status.

COHO Silver Status

250 points and over

Ooosh. Silver looks great on you! You're in elite company and we want to recognise that. What rhymes with camper but comes in a whicker basket?

Hamper I hear you cry! Enjoy a 10% discount on your subscription and tuck in to some tasty treats that are on their way by express delivery.

COHO Gold Status

500 points and over

The dizzying heights of being a Gold COHO member. You rock!

Have a whopping 20% discount on your subscription and your tenant referencing. Don't stop here. For every additional 100 points that you earn we will increase your subscription discount by a further 5%.

Please note:

A valid sign-up for purposes of the referral score process is an organisation that registers an account and adds at least 1 property which remains active for a minimum of one whole calendar month. We will give a maximum of 30% off your total subscription bill.

Don't worry if you have already completed some of the COHO usage actions, we will go back and allocate the points you have already earned!